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Define your WHY.

If you’ve been following along, you know I’m prepping to lead some fabulous ladies (like you!) fearlessly into 2019.  We are ready to set some goals, make some plans, track our progress and more.  We vow to start where we are (move more/eat less than wherever you are today), drink our water, write our 24 hour food plans and commit to consistent exercise.

We will NOT jump on the bandwagon of fad diets, shakes/cleanses, etc. that we know will just be a bandaid for a bigger problem.

The truth is that every woman on the planet KNOWS that broccoli is healthier than a Twix bar.  Our problem isn’t knowledge-based.  Instead, it is behavior-based.

My last post was about restructuring those daily habits to start better supporting your long term goals.  Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds (or 80 pounds!), drop a pant size (or 3!), feel confident in a bathing suit again by summer, or run a 5K.

But, when you are tired, overworked, stressed and overall NOT in the mood for a healthy meal and/or workout…you need a REALLY GOOD reason to keep pushing forward.

You need to define exactly WHY you want to get healthier.

For me, I knew I needed to get into better shape when I found myself lacking the energy to play with my kids.  I remember a fun (and very competitive!) game of charades in August of 2017 and I kept getting winded.  I was truly out of breath just from acting out riding a rollercoaster or pushing a grocery cart.  It was a silly game but it had me sweating and needing to sit down. I kept thinking to myself “if you are winded playing a game at 42, how the heck will you make it to 82?”

I also found myself shying away from Zumba classes I used to love solely because of my lack of fitness.  I knew I’d be too out of shape to keep up and would just get frustrated with myself.  This was my favorite form of exercise on the planet and I didn’t feel healthy enough to go.  If I felt that way in my early 40s, the likelihood of me enjoying dance in my 50s and 60s was never going to happen. I was missing out on my own life!

My WHY is all about living life to the fullest.  I wanted to get fit again to enjoy every opportunity with my family and to stop feeling like my weight/lack of fitness was holding me back from enjoying activities I love.  As I approach midlife, I am very mindful that this body has to get me to the finish line.  I want to enjoy my grandkids one day and never, ever shy away from fun opportunities because of my own lack of fitness.


Lots of people choose a word to describe the year ahead (not necessarily a New Year’s resolution but a word to define the year you want to have). In January of 2018, I wrote in my journal that my word for the year ahead would be VITALITY.

Webster’s defines vitality as “lively and animated character” or “physical and mental vigor”.  That is exactly what I was lacking and desperately wanted to reclaim.  And I knew the path to get there would mean changing my daily habits, eating at home more than eating out, making exercise a part of my daily routine and saying no to overeating/drinking when stress creeped into my life.

It didn’t happen overnight.  And even though I lost 20+ pounds this year, I am still 20 pounds away from my “goal weight” (its really a range more than a specific number). But, I am a LOT closer to those goals and definitely living life with more vigor/vitality.  I am still defining my goals for 2019 but I am excited for continued progress!

So, what is your WHY?  Is to be a better Mom for your kids? Is it to feel more confident in your own skin so you’ll stop shying away from intimacy with your husband? Is it be less tired and have more energy to do the things you love? Is it to become your most fearless self so you can finally leave that job/relationship/situation you feel stuck in? Seriously, one of my reasons was to finally feel confident in front of a camera again (the photographer who is never in photos is weird, y’all!!) Maybe you have seen relatives in your own family die way too young from poor health.  Maybe your WHY is to live long enough to see your children get married and play with your grandkids one day. WRITE IT DOWN. You know I believe in the power of pen to paper.

What word are you choosing to define your year ahead? Fearless? Energetic? Focused? Intentional? Driven? What word do you want to be the overriding theme of the next 12 months ahead? WRITE IT DOWN. Pen to paper…you know the drill by now!

Join me tomorrow when I describe in great detail the daily Instagram challenge we will begin on January 2.  Time to get this New Year started right!!