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KT and Chase’s Wedding-Part 1
Trump National

Where do I begin?

If I have learned anything about the wedding photography business in my nearly 10 year career, it is the value of relationships.  Word of mouth referrals will always be the gold standard for attracting new brides.  We give 110% to every couple who books Old South and in turn, they advocate for our studio when their friends and co-workers get engaged.  Their recommendations mean everything to us!

So, the road that connected me to KT goes all the way back to relationships I built back in 2010.  A friend encouraged me to audition for the Carolina Panthers Topcats.  I was in my early 30s, a wife, a mom of 2, driving a minivan (not exactly the typical dancer trying out!) but I thought I’d dust off the poms and audition for the fun of it.  Week after week, cut after cut, I was still in the running.  I couldn’t believe I made it all the way through finals that year.  Although I was one of the last 5 dancers cut, I had shared locker room time with so many girls who would later become some of the very first Old South brides.  Katie, Courtney, Marissa, Leslie, Laken….all these ladies were Topcats who later became my brides.  They in turn told their friends about our studio and the love just kept going.

2016 OSS bride, Laken, also danced with KT for the NBA Charlotte Hornets’ “Honeybees” and I am so glad she connected us.  KT was a dream bride.  She is so kind, so loving, so close to her family and head-over-heels in love with Chase.  We connected in life and in camera and I am so proud of the images we captured at her 9.23.17 wedding.

Take a peek at their amazing wedding day in Part One of their blog post.  There were just too many sweet moments to put into one post!  Part Two will follow later this afternoon.

KT, Sophia Vergara has nothing on you.  YOU are my Colombian queen:)