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Timmy and Hayley Part One
Providence Country Club

The BEST part of my job is developing relationships with my brides and grooms. I have known Timmy and Hayley for well over a year now and having that friendship most certainly helps me to tell their story better.  Hayley is organized, detail-oriented and very thoughtful.  Timmy is funny, sincere and LOVES Hayley completely.

Last fall, we headed up to Bearden (property owned by his family) off the Blue Ridge Parkway on a perfect fall day. My assistant photographer, Alyssa, Timmy,Hayley and I had a blast at their engagement shoot picking apples in an orchard, tossing the football, riding four wheelers and so much more. See their full e-session HERE.

I knew their wedding day would be fun, well-planned and all about family. They are both so close to their families and those bonds were evident on their big day. What a pleasure to capture these memories for both the Sellers and Moody families.

Special thanks to the following vendors for creating an extraordinary event:

Reception:   Providence Country Club
Bridal Gown:   New York Bride
Florals:   Palmetto House
Cake:   For Goodness Cakes
DJ Services:   Split Second Sound
Hair/Make-up:  Kymm McLean, Who’s the Fairest

I always love the moment when the bride slips into her bridal gown.  There is such anticipation in the air and a hush always falls over the room.  This is the moment when the bride realizes….”wow, this is REALLY happening” and her Mother sheds a tear watching her little girl prepare for the aisle.  Isn’t Hayley a gorgeous bride?

I photograph a lot of weddings but this group of bridesmaids is unusually gorgeous! When I told them they just might be the prettiest group of bridesmaids I had ever seen, they smiled and joked “we get that a lot”. HA! I love it!

Hayley hand made her parents and Timmy’s parents cards to accompany their wedding day gifts.  She is very crafty and put so much work into the details of her wedding day.

Timmy wrote Hayley a very sweet card but was sure to throw in a few jokes too.  He certainly knows how to make his girl smile:)

Oh those bow ties!! They guys were struggling to get them tied properly and getting a wee bit frustrated by it all.  Thankfully, groomsman, Brandon, showed up and saved the day.  He had them ALL perfectly tied up in minutes.  Then it was picture time!

Again, how gorgeous is this bride and her maids?? I could not have asked for a nicer or more beautiful group of girls to photograph.

Timmy and his sweet sister, Ashley, are tight!

You can’t help but smile when you are around the Moody family.  There are always plenty of jokes and good times.  I imagine growing up in this house was a lot of fun!

The fellas were equally handsome and EXCELLENT listeners.  I think we took all of their images in less than 15 minutes.  You have no idea how much a photographer appreciates cooperation!!  Looking good, guys 😉

We joked that Hayley’s girls were so pretty…..she might have actually hired them.  Ya know, put an ad out on Craig’s List with the dress sizes….and voila! Gorgeous, photogenic girls galore:) Just kidding! This group of friends goes way back.

This is Allison, Hayley’s twin sister.  How cool to grow up side-by-side as sidekicks and partners in crime.

I love the handkerchiefs Hayley had made for each parent.  What a sweet keepsake from the wedding day.

Finally, it was show time!! This church had beautiful soft light and a big, wide balcony.  What a beautiful ceremony!

Here comes the bride!!!

Timmy and his new bride plus his side of the family.  His grandparents were so sweet:)

These might be my favorite images of the entire day.  I love the three generations of married couples.  Wishing Hayley and Timmy as many decades of love as his parents and grandparents have enjoyed!

STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO coming soon. The party was in full effect at Providence Country Club!!

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