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Sunflowers with the Gardiners
Charlotte, NC

If you are a Mom of small children, few things strike fear in your heart like…..


Will they run away from the photographer? Will they start fighting? What do we wear?

Will my candy bribes be convincing enough to force coax them to smile?

We’ve all been there. So, when you look through these delightfully adorable family images from my session with the Gardiners, know that this Mom had those very same fears when she arrived at our sunflower fields in July.

Little did she know, her kiddos would turn up the charm BIG TIME. This is quite possibly my favorite family session of the entire 2013 season. I first photographed Abigail when she was just 5 days old and wathcing her grow into this sassy 2 year old has been a joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with me and my lens through the years.

Now, prepare to smile until your cheeks hurt.