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Kaitlyn & Brian’s Wedding (Part 1)
Separk Mansion

Where do I begin?

Out of all the vendor relationships a bride will have, none are more personal than the one she will have with her photographer.

She isn’t just hiring someone with fancy equipment.  She is looking for that “just right” storyteller who will essentially serves as “the bride’s eyes” on that amazing day.  She must find that person who looks at the world in the same way that she does.

It wouldn’t make sense for a happy, upbeat bride to hire a photographer with a dark, moody style of photography.  A bride must find a professional who has the same personality type, the same outlook on life and same lens on life.  Kaitlyn and I were a perfect fit.  We see life as colorful, fun, adventurous, joyful, and full of love.  I knew exactly which moments Kaitlyn would care the most about….the time with her Mom and sister in the bridal suite, that first look with her Dad, the overflow of emotions on Brian’s face when he first saw his beautiful bride, that kindred bond between her and her bridesmaids….we see life in the same way. We see life as a series of meaningful relationships and that is what we focused on throughout the day.  Don’t get me wrong, we always capture the lovely cake, stationery, florals and more…but the images that Kaitlyn would treasure for 50 years to come would be the ones that focused on her relationships.  And I do my best work when a bride fully TRUSTS me.  And she did.

I am so proud of this wedding.  It rained on and off all day but the good Lord kept those drops at bay for all the big moments.  Being able to say “I Do” in the outdoor garden was worth the soggy grass and minor mud spots.  Because in the end, that’s what a good marriage is really about.  It’s about pressing forward when circumstances are less than perfect and looking for the good in all situations (and recognizing most of the mud will wash out in the end anyway!)

Enjoy the build up below to the ceremony.  There is plenty more to come in Part 2.  Did I mention how much I adored working with this couple and their sweet families? This day was FULL of job satisfaction for me 😉

Full Vendor List will be included in Part 2 coming Monday.