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Wedding Day Glam and Food Trucks….


Can we talk? Because we NEED TO. Today’s subject matter is wedding day glam and food trucks. Stay with me…


I know my brides spend hours upon hours on Pinterest, Instagram and wedding blogs getting ideas and inspiration for their big day ahead. As a photographer, I LOVE those pretty wedding images too but I need to give you ladies a bit of straight talk on one particular subject…..wedding day hair/makeup.


Don’t we all LOVE those dreamy braids, loose up-dos and of course that glamorous wedding day makeup? But, before you book your glam squad for the big day, you might want to dig a little deeper.


First, we need to talk about food trucks.


Food trucks? What is this lady even talking about? How does this tie into my side-swept pony and fake lashes on wedding day? Well, here goes…


There is a big difference between a chef in a 5 star, fully-equipped restaurant and a chef churning out amazing dishes from his/her 5 feet wide food truck. Both absolutely love food. Both create outstanding dishes for their customers. Both are highly trained/skilled in the culinary arts but the biggest difference between the two is their work environment. The restaurant chef would feel very confined, frustrated and a bit uncomfortable working from a small food truck. Sure, the food truck has a grill, oven, chopping board, etc. but the constraints of the work space and accelerated work pace would certainly impact the quality of their culinary dishes. They would potentially feel limited in their abilities because of this entirely different kitchen environment.


Now, let’s build that same parallel between a hair stylist at a high-end salon v. a mobile wedding day beauty team. Both absolutely love making brides look and feel glamorous. Both are capable of creating outstanding wedding day looks for excited brides and their bridesmaids. Both are highly trained/skilled in their craft but the biggest difference between the two is their work environment.


Wedding days are busy, chaotic and unpredictable. A hair/makeup person who is accustomed to working in a salon environment might feel overwhelmed and frustrated working in a tiny corner in a hotel bathroom. That look he/she created in 45 minutes at the salon during your trial appointment just might take 60-90 minutes to re-create when power outlets are limited, chair space is at a minimum and the bride is constantly distracted by calls, texts and other wedding day requests.


As a wedding photographer, the one vendor that can begin the “uh oh, we are running late” dominio effect is the hair/makeup team. We have seen hair/makeup teams with limited mobile beauty experience even cause the entire ceremony to begin late. Oh, and that 45 minutes that we had set aside for pre-ceremony photos, those were also missed because hair/makeup ran so far behind the timeline.


Stress levels run VERY high when things begin to run behind which is exactly why we always recommend MOBILE hair/makeup teams for our brides. These ladies are well versed in beautifying 10, 12, 14 ladies in cramped hotel rooms, ill-equipped church nurseries, corners of bridesmaids’ kitchens, etc. These ladies know how to rock those challenging wedding day dynamics and they are as savvy with a hair and/or makeup brush as they are with a WATCH! They understand the wedding day domino effect and do everything within their beauty magic powers to keep the day on pace. They know how important those pre-ceremony photos of the bride and her parents are. They know that the ceremony absolutely HAS to begin on time so the catering staff at the venue can serve food at the pre-arranged times. They know that L-A-T-E is a four letter word on wedding day and do not want to add any undo stress to our bride.


So, my advice to any bride as she begins to research her glam squad, talk with your planner, photographer, venue director and get real-life recommendations. Ask about beauty teams who are as talented with hair/makeup as they are versed in wedding day time management.

Keep your highlight/cut appointment with your hair stylist who has served you well for the past 15 years (and keeps your blonde on point!), but trust a mobile beauty team for your wedding day.

Because can’t we all agree that FOOD TRUCKS ROCK?

Keep that wedding day glam rolling, ladies!

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