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    We are a team of professional wedding photographers solely devoted to "happily ever afters". Our commercial studio is based in Charlotte, NC and we capture weddings in the Carolinas and beyond. We believe in family, love and the power of storytelling through our photography. The ladies of Old South would love to capture your big day!

Annslee and Jason’s Wedding
McBryde Hall | Rock Hill, SC

March 2016…14 months before their big day….that’s when Annslee became an Old South bride.

She was exactly the kind of girl we LOVE working with.  She is so connected to her family and has an amazing group of girlfriends by her side.  She is smart, driven, goal-oriented and detailed.  She is a pharmacist (fun fact- MOST of our Old South brides have a medical career- MD, dentist, PA, NP, nurse, pharmacist- while the other half are in sales or marketing!) and knows what she wants out of life- a man to grow old with, a partner to build a family with, and a soulmate to love and to cherish ALWAYS.

That’s where Jason comes in.  He works for a beer distributor and they were set up by mutual friends. Those mutual friends ended up getting married too so there will be many fun double dates for all of these newlyweds!

May 20, 2017 was picture perfect.  Alisha was Annslee’s lead photographer and they had such a great connection.  I know Annslee thought of Alisha as more of a friend that day.  She trusted her and knew that Alisha was giving 110% to keep Annslee stress-free, happy and in the moment.  The pictures absolutely reflect the joy and happiness Annslee and Jason (and their friends and family) felt this day.

Enjoy a walk through their wedding below. To the new Mr. and Mrs. Conner, we wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss ahead.  Thank you for trusting us over 14 months ago to become your storytellers.  We have loved every minute of this journey with you!

Full Vendor List below.

McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5029 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5030 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5023 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5024 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5025 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5026 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5027 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5028

McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5031 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5032 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5033 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5034 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5035 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5037 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5038 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5039 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5040 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5041 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5042 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5043 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5044 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5045 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5046 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5047 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5048 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5049 McBryde_Hall_Wedding_SC_5050Special thanks to our vendor partners: Church: Oakland Baptist Church, Rock Hill | Venue: McBryde Hall/Winthrop University | Florist: Lily Greenthumbs | DJ Entertainment: Split Second Sound | Bride’s Gown: Poffie Girls | Makeup: Makeup by Champa | Hair: Wonderlab Salon | Event Rentals: Party Reflections | Videographer: Giovanni Films | Stationery: Reaves Engraving