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    We are a team of professional wedding photographers solely devoted to "happily ever afters". Our commercial studio is based in Charlotte, NC and we capture weddings in the Carolinas and beyond. We believe in family, love and the power of storytelling through our photography. The ladies of Old South would love to capture your big day!

May and Landon’s Engagement Session
Charlotte, NC

Want to know a very odd (but true) fact about Old South brides?

About 50% of our brides work in the medical field.  Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, nurses, physician’s assistants…we tend to attract a very driven, organized, smart and confident woman.  May is exactly that!!

Both May and Landon are residents in two different medical programs.  She lives in Florida (dermatologist in training) and he lives in Oklahoma (orthopedic surgeon in training).  Their love story comes with lots of long periods in between seeing one another but when they do….WOW! The sparks definitely fly!

They came into Charlotte over Christmas and we had the best time together.  Dogs, parks, hotels, fountains, wheat field, wardrobe changes…they were troopers!  I am so thrilled to capture their October 2019 wedding at The Umstead in Raleigh alongside A Southern Soiree.  What a fabulous couple!