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Gray Photography Workshop
Go towards the LIGHT!

Last October, I attended a fantastic lighting workshop taught by Zach and Jody Gray.  It was NO easy feat!  I wrapped up shooting a wedding at 10 p.m., came home for a 2 hour nap then drove to pick up my roadtrip buddy, Lucy.  We drove 9 hours through the night to Nashville and sat in on a 12 hour workshop.  We were basically awake for 40 hours straight but the knowledge I gained was worth 100% of the effort!

Zach and Jody have taken the wedding and musician photography world by storm and want to share their skills with others. They produce a comprehensive teaching environment that touches on natural light and external/off-camera lighting in a hands-on shooting workshop.  Attending their workshop really improved my skills which had plateaued over time.  I had been relying mostly on natural light and my external flash up to that point and I knew I needed to stretch.  I can’t thank them enough for pushing me to be a better, more technical photographer.

I took that fateful roadtrip with my girl, Lucy, of Smitten and Hooked.  We decided to host this awesome workshop in Charlotte and recently brought Zach and Jody to our hometown gang.  It was awesome to see so many “lightbulb moments” (sorry, bad photographer humor) among this group of students.  No matter how long I stay in this business, I will never stop being hungry for knowledge.  Enjoy the images of the workshop and model shots we captured.

Location, location, location? Nope. That is the real estate market.  In the photographer market, the slogan is LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT! It trumps all other factors in my book in terms of creating a beautiful image.  See, these awesome images were shot in a less than appealing location.  With that big Daddy light, she looks amazing!

The shot below was exposed properly using natural light.  It is fine but look at the difference in the second image with the introduction of off-camera light.

I have shot lots of subjects in urban, grungy environments and 90% of them wonder if I am nuts.  They see the rust, graffiti, trash, etc. but I see texture and light.  I am digging these shots below shot in front of a boarded up old shop.

Zach and Jody are awesome photographers and I am proud to call them friends.  They have a heart for improving our industry and seeing photographers succeed.  My kind of peeps:)

The rest of the images were shot using only natural light.  My super fabulous hubby and business partner shot all of them.  He is a great photographer too but prefers the business side of In His Image.  We do shoot destination weddings together so for my beach brides….he will be showing off his skills at your wedding soon!