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Friends of Old South | Lily Greenthumbs

We always tell our brides that it “takes a village” to pull off a successful wedding day. From wedding planners to DJs, florists to bakers…..there are at least a dozen professionals working behind-the-scenes to bring the bride’s wedding vision to life. We love recommending fellow vendors who are truly the “best of the best” and today we are focusing on Karen, owner of Lily Greenthumbs. WR_LilyGreenthumbs

Karen is one of my soul sisters, truly! We are both southern girls with a love of all things monogrammed and Type A personalities that are rare among creative-types.

She is a natural-born leader and watching her grow her company, Lily Greenthumbs, into the powerhouse floral company that it is today has been inspiring.  This savvy business woman has assembled a WILDLY talented team of designers (Kristin and Christina are awesome!) and brides book their floral/design services over a year in advance.  With demand this high, you KNOW these ladies are outstanding at what they do! Let’s learn a bit more about the pretty redhead behind the garden roses and tulips, shall we?

Karen, how many  years have you been in the wedding industry?…10 years

What three words best describe you?…vivacious, passionate, driven

What advice would you give to brides as they plan?…Surround yourself with vendors you trust and feel comfortable with.  This will make your wedding day a breeze!

What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?…Anna Kendrick

We have shared dozens and dozens of brides with the team of Lily Greenthumbs over the past 5 years.  The look on a bride’s face when her gorgeous bouquet is delivered is pure joy! When her jaw DROPS at first seeing the reception site dripping with florals, candles and so much more…..you KNOW the team at Lily Greenthumbs knocked it out of the design park.  We cannot wait to share many more brides with this talented team in 2016 and 2017!

Be sure to visit their website HERE, follow more of their gorgeous wedding events HERE on Facebook and pop over to their Instagram site HERE.