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Extreme Makeover Home Edition- Charlotte, NC

Day Two was crazy fun!  The Design Team had some individual projects underway today so we tagged along with the video crew most of the day.  Ty was swinging his hammer and salvaging some original bricks for the new home.  Ed was teaming up with local kids to help spearhead donations for local foster children.  Paige and Michael were out and about cooking up their own batches of goodness too!

The builders, Wade and Frank, of Bellamy Homes took some time to meet with local middle school kids to discuss the project.  I loved watching them patiently answer all the burning questions the kids had like…..”are you on schedule?  do you ever sleep?  can we help?”  Ty even popped by to sign their shirts and give a quick motivational talk about helping out in your community.

People often ask me about the name of my company, In His Image Photography.  They know it probably has to do with the Bible or Christianity but might not get the true meaning.  Yes, I am a Christian and yes, I do know a good bit of scripture but you don’t need a seminary degree to recognize goodness when you see it.  I believe ALL of us are created in God’s image.  We have all the amazing attributes of HIS goodness within us- kindness, love, grace and servanthood.  Every day that I am on the set of this awesome project, I get to see that goodness in action.  People from all walks of life are joining together to offer the gifts and talents the Lord has given them in order to bless this family.

But whether you hoisted up lumber, drove a backhoe or simply ran coffee to a crew member, YOU were the one who felt most blessed. You see, goodness is contagious and you can feel it as strongly as your own pulse on this set. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up shooting 2011 and to prepare my heart for the true meaning of Christmas.