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Design meets Photography
The Kiehl Home

“It is not a photograph until it is printed.” -Yervant

20 years ago, when someone hired a photographer, the end goal was always prints, framed portraits or canvases to enhance the interior of your home.  There is something so powerful about touching and feeling images of the ones you love the most.  When digital photography replaced film photography in the previous decade, another new shift occured .  People began asking for digital images in place of printed photographs.  While those jpegs are nice to have, technology will march on and one day, those images will be incompatible with the device you now own to view them.

Photographs never change.  They are passed on to future generations and no device or power cord is ever needed.

So, at Old South Studios, when you book a session for your family (in our sunflower fields, horse farm or cotton fields), we will ask you where you plan to showcase these images.  We shoot with a purpose in mind.  I knew this Mom had been redesigning her foyer and wanted beautiful images for this high traffic space.  We considered the bright pumpkin colored walls, the metallic pieces, hints of black and overall look of the space FIRST.  I helped them coordinate outfits in blues and greys that would pair nicely with the room’s furnishings.  And we knew our custom charcoal grey frames would be a perfect match as well.  So, on the day of the shoot, we had a formula for success in place and the design came together flawlessly.

Its a wonderful feeling to know that bare feet, soccer balls, backpacks and lunch boxes enter this busy hallway in the Kiehl home and the ones who are raised there are also proudly displayed on the walls above.

There is such beauty in the tangible.

Take a peek inside the Old South Studios’ “Look Book” as we highlight favorite interior spaces of former clients.


See more of our approach of design and photography in the video below. We love enhancing our clients’ homes with portrait art.