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Christmas Weddings (and why we love them so!)

It’s that time of the year when we are sadly packing away all those Christmas decorations and getting back to life as normal….BUT, we couldn’t let the New Year begin without paying homage to some of our favorite Christmas weddings.

Oh December…..

There is just something so particularly magical about those twinkling lights, roaring fires and cozy furs….so today, I wanted to highlight some of our favorite Christmas weddings and why we love them so!

If you are considering a December 2018 wedding date, let us GUSH for a minute or two about why we particularly ADORE these weddings.

1. Decor is much easier to plan than any other time of the year.  Many venues (and churches) have already provided lovely trees, garland-wrapped staircases and holiday vignettes so there is truly less for you to do in terms of decor.  Sure, centerpieces and bouquets will still need to be arranged but lots of the decor is already available and on-site.  Simply adding a few personal touches to the venue’s magical Christmas decor is more economical and less-stressful as you plan. Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6072 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6067 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6058


2.  After daylight savings time change in November, the sun sets much earlier.  Those brides planning November-March weddings will have more evening hours than daylight hours on wedding day so lighting the venue space becomes a bigger factor.  Many venues have already added additional lighting (trees, garlands, lanterns, etc.) leaving less for the bride to add to the design plan.  Again, a few personal touches on top of existing lighting will bring your winter fairytale to life in a more economical way.

Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6059 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6069 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_60553.  Guests are feeling quite festive this time of year too.  The week in between Christmas and New Year’s is often overlooked as a good option for a wedding but our former late December brides have been shocked at the attendance (and enthusiasm!) on their big day.  I mean, who doesn’t love another good party to keep the magic of the season going?

Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6070 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6065 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6063

4.  Winter white, dramatic reds, golds, black and white….we LOVE IT ALL at Christmas weddings.  Our brides have designed some pretty amazing wedding days and we appreciate their black-tie, extra sparkle approach to their December weddings.  What a perfect time of year to add on all the dreamy candles, draped sheers, cafe lights and of course….THOSE FURS!

Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6057 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6054 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6076 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6065 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6056

5.  As if a Christmas wedding wasn’t dreamy enough, we SWOON over those Christmas Bridal Portrait sessions too!  Yet another chance in early December to use the venue’s amazing decor to create lovely images. Are you getting the sense by now that we REALLY REALLY love those Christmas weddings?

Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6074 Duke_Mansion_Bridal_Session_6052 Christmas_Wedding_Charlotte_6073

So, if you are planning a December 2018 wedding (or know a friend who might be!), we hope to hear from you soon.  We can only accept 2 more Christmas weddings and sincerely hope it will be YOURS!  Now time to pack away all those Christmas wreaths and ornaments for the year but that won’t stop us from dreaming of the December weddings to come!