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    We are a team of professional wedding photographers solely devoted to "happily ever afters". Our commercial studio is based in Charlotte, NC and we capture weddings in the Carolinas and beyond. We believe in family, love and the power of storytelling through our photography. The ladies of Old South would love to capture your big day!

Kacie and Marcus’ Engagement Session
Charlotte, NC

Sometimes you get a second chance at love.

Kacie and Marcus will be married in March at The Brawley Estate and they are also blending FIVE children between the two of them.  Separate lives, separate paths will now merge into one beautiful love story. Love has a way of bubbling up to the surface despite challenges we may have faced.

He lives in Charleston, SC.  She lives in Charlotte, NC.  They met 2 years ago and have dated long distance ever since.  I love that Marcus still drove to ask Kacie’s father for her hand in marriage late last summer.  Chivalry isn’t dead, y’all!!

Their love for one another is sweet, gentle and kind.  They bring out the best in one another and accept the challenges that blending two households will bring.  We can’t wait to capture their big day in 2 months.

Enjoy the LAST engagement session from fall 2016.  We went on a great one!