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Jen and Adam’s Wedding (Part Two)
Mountaintop Golf Club | Cashiers, NC

Oh I if could travel that 3 hour drive back to the NC mountains and live this weekend all over again….I would!!

These families are DEAR to me.  Both the Harris and Younger family are so kind, so giving and so wonderful to work with.  I’ve said it a thousand times but working with them never, ever felt like work.  Not even for a minute.  They are part of that amazing, extended Old South family God has so graciously given to me over these fantastic 8 years of capturing weddings.

I know that some people look at weddings as extravagant- a waste of money, a waste of resources, a waste of energy, etc.  So, if that is how you (or anyone reading this) feels, then please do not hire me as your wedding storyteller.  Or any of our team at Old South.

You see, to us, wedding days are EXTRAORDINARY. They are THE most sentimental day in a young woman’s life.  I believe it is one of the few days (along with the birth of her children) that will be fondly remembered as one of the 3-4 greatest days of her life.

There will NEVER be another 8-10 hour period when everyone she and her groom loves are gathered together again.  NEVER. Childhood friends, teachers, family friends, high school buddies, college roomies, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, co-workers and all extended family…they will never all be together again.  This one day is incredibly special and needs to be captured and remembered in all of its glory.  We put our whole hearts (and bodies…things can get crazy!) into capturing every sweet second of a wedding day and I don’t ever want to work with families who view it as anything less than extraordinary!

Jen and Adam had the best day of their lives.  Without a doubt, if they weren’t crying from heartfelt toasts being given, they were smiling and laughing, hand-in-hand.  Their friends and family showered them with so much love and you can FEEL how special this day was in the images below.

I will note that the grandfather dance was such a tear-jerker.  How blessed that older generations can join in days as special as a wedding? That is the beauty of love….it is passed on from father to son, mother to daughter, husband to wife, and so on.  In the end, when our hair is grey and our pace is slower, family and love are all that will matter to any of us.

Lucky me, I get to capture exactly that every weekend.  I feel so lucky to call this my career.

To Mr. and Mrs. Younger, may your cups runneth over with the same measure of love and joy you felt this day.  Always.

Telling your story has blessed my own.  Thank you for this gift.

Mountaintop_Golf_Club_Destination_Wedding_4773 Mountaintop_Golf_Club_Destination_Wedding_4806