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Carol’s Bridal Portrait Session
Duke Mansion

60 years ago…that is where our story begins.

In 1957, a young bride named Carol fell in love with a wedding gown.  It was beautifully made and cost a bit more than she had intended to spend.  So, she sold off a piece of inherited land, and bought her dream wedding gown with the proceeds.  Just over 2 decades later, her own, daughter, Suzanne, also wore the gown down the aisle.  What a perfect “something borrowed”.

And today, 60 years later, we will capture Carol (the granddaughter) wearing that very same gown down the aisle at Christ Episcopal Church.

Every detail is perfection and the dress is still in wonderful condition.  This is one of the most beautiful “something old, something borrowed” items we have ever captured.  My mind can’t help but wonder about the hands that embroidered the front pleats, the hands that carefully sewed each button, etc.

I was so inspired by this classic story of family legacy and love.  Capturing Carol’s bridal portraits in her grandmother (and mother’s) gown was a gift.  We believe storytelling lies at the heart of all great photography and this story was lovely on every level.

Enjoy!  Carol has now become Mrs. Jones (as of 5:30 p.m. on 2/4/17) and the legacy of her grandmother’s gown lives on. I call that an excellent return on investment!