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    We are a team of professional wedding photographers solely devoted to "happily ever afters". Our commercial studio is based in Charlotte, NC and we capture weddings in the Carolinas and beyond. We believe in family, love and the power of storytelling through our photography. The ladies of Old South would love to capture your big day!

Welcome to the 2017 Sunflower Season!

This is our 8th summer in the sunflowers and we cannot wait to see our “Alumni Old South” clients and some new faces too! Gather the kids and the family pet and meet us in the fields!

Farming is tricky business and we cannot assign specific session dates until actual bloom time (estimated bloom is July 5-20). However, we will accommodate your preference for either a morning (7:30 a.m.) or evening session time (7:30 p.m.)



The $1000 session fee includes your 45 minute session plus 40 digital images delivered via download. A non-refundable $500 deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be due when your session date is assigned.


Your high-resolution digital files will be issued with a reproduction release allowing you to print images at any lab of your choice (up to an 8 x 10 in size).


Your gallery will be delivered within 14 days of your session.


Portraits or gallery standouts (larger than 8 x 10) can be purchased a la carte and printed through our professional lab.

Luster Finish Portraits

11 x 14           $ 169

16 x 20           $ 279

16 x 24           $ 329

20 x 30           $ 429

Gallery Standouts (Black or White Edging)

11 x 14           $ 299

16 x 20           $ 399

16 x 24           $ 499

20 x 30           $ 599


Leather coffee table albums are available beginning at $800.

Common Questions


  1. Can I bring my kids?

YES!! We want you to gather up the little ones and join us for some serious fun in these gorgeous fields.


  1. Can I bring my dog?

YES! We are quite comfortable working with animals and invite you to bring the family fur baby.


  1. Can I bring the grandparents, cousins and my lost long uncle too?

For groups larger than 5 people, please contact Julie@oldsouthstudios.com for specific group pricing. Additional session time/editing fees will apply for each additional person.


  1. What should we wear?

Once your booking deposit has been processed, Julie will send you a Style Guide to help you in coordinating your family’s look. The all-white shirts and khakis is NOT a great option in the sunflowers and we are here to help!



  1. Can I shoot a few photos of my own before, during or after the session?

Old South retains exclusive rights to the fields so no other photography is allowed. Our farmer lives on site and loves to report trespassers- ha!


  1. Are there bees? Will it be dangerous?

These gorgeous flowers do attract lots of honeybees. In 8 summers, we have not had even one bee sting, however, all clients must sign a liability release prior to the session in case any field “critters” decide to bite or sting.


  1. Can I pick some sunflowers?

Obviously we want the field to look just as amazing for the next group of clients after you, BUT we do allow each family to leave with 3 beautiful sunflowers for your home.


  1. What if it rains?

Summer does have a few stormy days, BUT we leave extra space in the shooting calendar for rescheduled shoots. 2 hours prior to your session time, Julie will determine if rescheduling is needed (via phone). We will make sure to work you in to the next available date/time that fits your calendar.


  1. Why is there a $500 booking deposit?

With a very short bloom season and tremendous demand for these shoots, we must charge a non-refundable $500 deposit. Please, double check your calendar to be VERY sure you have flexibility during July 5-20 before officially booking your session. If a vacation is tentatively scheduled or your plans look unsure, plan to join us next season. These deposits are non-refundable.


  1. How do I book my session?

If you have checked your calendar and are ready to book, e-mail Julie@oldsouthstudios.com. She will send the $500 invoice via e-mail (Visa or MC are accepted). Your booking is not official until the invoice has been marked paid. With only 20 sessions available, we encourage you to book very soon!


  1. How will you assign my actual session date in July?

The farmer watches the fields very closely and can predict full bloom about 4-5 days beforehand. We will be making calls/emails then to establish your actual date (with your time preference of either 7:30 a.m. or 7:30 p.m.)


  1. Where are the fields located?

They are privately owned in Weddington, NC. Directions will be provided once your session date/time is assigned as a booked client.


Don’t delay……e-mail julie@oldsouthstudios.com today to book your session!!  See you in our gorgeous acres of sunflowers soon!


Oh this Wedding Wednesday post has me FIRED UP.  Unfortunately, there is a company in our area leaving a sad trail of heartache behind in the wedding photography arena.

I take this personally for a few reasons.

  1.  This company is shooting dozens of local weddings and giving wedding photographers everywhere a bad name.  Poor communication, rude behavior, unprofessional interactions, late delivery, last minute cancellations, etc.  Those of us who genuinely care about our clients have to constantly reinforce our own messages of trustworthiness, loyalty to clients, etc. because of the bad behavior of these scam artists.
  2. I’ve lost brides to this company AND had those same brides come back to me IN TEARS for having gone with a cheaper option.  I warned them about the schemes of this “too-good-to-be-true” company but in the end, they are left with tremendous regret.
  3. I know how this disappointment feels.  I had a lackluster wedding photographer myself and have built my entire business around providing excellent quality and service to all of our brides.  I have made it my personal mission to educate brides whenever and wherever I can so they won’t have to carry around the painful regret of trusting the biggest day of your life to someone unworthy of that responsibility.

So here I am, doing anything I can to prevent any more brides from using their services.  Legally, I cannot use their name BUT I will point out some major RED FLAGS in their bait and switch game that all brides should be aware of (with any wedding vendor really).

  1.  Their website/advertising is VERY VERY SLICK.  For example: the minute you sign up on The Knot or Wedding Wire, you get a pop up Facebook ad from this photography company.  They ask you to take a “style quiz” to help you locate a photographer in your area with your style then continue to e-mail you daily with wedding photography information.  ***NOTE: they are a national company several states away with a HUGE marketing budget.  Their approach is polished, organized and the photos are amazing.  BUT, you have yet to put a real face with a name. RED FLAG!
  2. They claim to have local Charlotte offices.   FALSE. The addresses they list will lead you and your groom to a public library or a hotel.  They do not employ ONE Charlotte resident.  Again, the headquarters are in the midwest but they keep saying over and over that they are located in Charlotte.  RED FLAG!
  3. When you contact the company, a “wedding coordinator” will be assigned to you.  She is a well spoken sales person who will be very helpful and attentive.  She will text or call daily until money is exchanged.  Then once a deposit is paid, you are likely reassigned to another person who is less motivated, less prompt and not as service oriented as the person who persuaded you to pay the deposit. RED FLAG!
  4. When you request to meet with someone locally (or even have a phone call), they will tell you that is unnecessary.  Your wedding coordinator will be your sole contact person and there is no need for any face-to-face meeting with your photographer.  RED FLAG!
  5. They will present portfolios of several photographers (based on your style quiz) and say you can absolutely choose your photographer.  You will see gorgeous images taken by Sara, Rachel, Tim or John then decide to move forward.  You will pay anywhere from $1500-2000 for your non-refundable deposit only to hear a few days later that the photographer you LOVED is no longer available (double booked, moving, got fired, etc.) They promise a comparable substitute photographer will now be assigned to you. RED FLAG!
  6. When you ask to directly communicate with your new photographer, they will say that is not an option.  You can only communicate with your photographer the WEEK OF YOUR WEDDING!!! RED FLAG!!!  

So here are the facts.  This company is a HUGE national company with deep pockets regarding marketing/advertising.  They are all over The Knot, Wedding Wire and Facebook ads.  Their communication tactics are calculated and organized and they cast a very wide net.

Then, the bait and switch game begins.  Read the reviews I took from The Knot.  These happen over and over and over.

The photographer you selected (right before you paid a hefty deposit-remember, based on your “style quiz”) is almost always substituted.  Want to know where they find that substitute?  They place a Craigslist ad in Charlotte…FOR YOUR WEDDING!!! Anyone can answer that ad.  I know this first hand because photographers I know fell for this when they were newbies.  $300 looked like a lot of money for an amateur with a Canon Rebel and they took some of these jobs.  Suddenly, someone with very little experience is working under an umbrella of a big company and brides are paying $3000-4000 for an AMATEUR!!!!  Of course if you ask the company they will tell you that “all photographers are vetted…they must have 3 years of professional photography experience.”

This is not true.  The people I know first hand who answered these ads did so as college kids, rookie photographers and hobbyist and the company never blinked an eye.  Now, you might get lucky and actually get a semi-pro photographer that answers that ad but the majority of working photographers would not work for such low wages.  BUYER BEWARE!!

They will have brides fill out tedious, lengthy questionnaires on their online portal specifying exact shot lists for the wedding day, people’s names, timeline information that the photographer will not even bother to access.  Read the reviews yourself….it is a common practice.

If you are lucky, the actual photographer will call you the day before your wedding.  That is your first time to communicate. Oh, and you can only know their FIRST NAME (RED FLAG!!) Can you imagine how busy, overwhelmed you are at your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? Is that the time to have a lengthy chat for the very first time with the human being who will be capturing your wedding day 12 hours later?

Read the reviews yourself.  BUT, you will find a disproportionate amount of positive reviews with bad reviews buried at the back.  This is because they ask clients to sign a contract stating “you will not speak negatively about them on public forums”.  RED FLAG!!! If this verbiage is anywhere in a wedding contract….RUN!!

If the deal seems “too-good-to-be-true”, it is.  Would you EVER in a million years hire a photographer who would answer a Craigslist ad to shoot your wedding? If the answer is no, then don’t fall prey to their bait and switch game.

This isn’t about Old South.  Of course we would love your business but more importantly, we don’t want to keep reading these awful reviews of regret.  There are so many reputable photographers in our area.  Please, just educate yourself on these mega companies who are scamming couples in our own backyard.

Tears, heartache, regret…those emotions post-wedding carry a VERY heavy price tag.  Do your research.  MEET THE PERSON capturing such an important day in your life.  And please, share this information with your engaged friends.

Let’s stop this machine from scamming more brides.  At least we can try.

Sweet, beautiful Anna.

Over the course of the last year leading up to her wedding, we probably exchanged 50 e-mails, 10 phone calls and dozens of texts.  And each and every time, she would graciously say “thank you for everything, I didn’t know who to ask, you have helped me so much, etc.”  She is always kind, thoughtful and full of gratitude.

I never want to take the place of a wedding planner.  As a photographer, I can’t manage your budget, advise you on a tent rental or the type of linens you will need, but I can be a friend along the way.

Brides who hire us love 3 things…..their families, having FUN at their own wedding and organization.  I help organize the wedding day timeline to be absolutely certain everyone she loves will be included in photos, keep her stress level low giving guidance wherever I can and check in through the ENTIRE planning process to be sure she feels organized.

Capturing Anna’s engagement session, bridal session and ultimately her wedding day were nothing short of a joy.  She will remain a friend many years after her veil has been tucked away in a closet somewhere.

She is beautiful from the inside out. I enjoyed her spring bridal portrait session at the Duke Mansion so much!

September 2016.

A very excited and newly engaged Kari reached out to Old South.  She had just booked her venue, Langtree Plantation, for their May 2017 wedding and photography was at the top of her priority list.  An amateur photographer herself, Kari told us on day one that she was drawn to the clarity and sharpness of our images. We knew the 150 historic home and plantation grounds of Langtree she had chosen had Old South written ALL OVER IT!

Lindsey was hired as an Old South photographer in 2016.  She has a beautiful eye for light and loves grand, sweeping landscape shots.  She is also very gifted at drawing out people’s personalities.  She has an effortless way of connecting with her couples and capturing the love and joy they feel together.  The images below showcase Kari and Jeremy’s sweet relationship and zest for life.

May 20, 2017 was the day they planned for, hoped for and dreamed of…and so much more! The weather was perfect, everyone was in great spirits, her vendor team delivered in every way and the images reflect all the joy of their day.

Kari and Jeremy, we wish you both a lifetime of happiness ahead.  Judging from your wedding images, you, Mr. and Mrs. Saylor, are off to one very promising start!  Thank you again for choosing Old South to tell your beautiful story.

Full Vendor List at at bottom of post.

Special thanks to our vendor partners: Venue: Langtree Plantation | Hair/Makeup: Blushing Hair and Makeup Styling | Catering: Family Catering Service | Bride’s Gown from Anjolique Bridal | Cake: Karen’s Cakes | Event Planner: Kris Croom | DJ Entertainment: ATG– Audio To Go DJs


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