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    We are a team of professional wedding photographers solely devoted to "happily ever afters". Our commercial studio is based in Charlotte, NC and we capture weddings in the Carolinas and beyond. We believe in family, love and the power of storytelling through our photography. The ladies of Old South would love to capture your big day!

I have never been more proud to post a video on my blog.

This story is one I have not shared publicly but felt it was time.  It is so real, so raw and so personal, I hesitated making this video for a few years.

The reason I became a wedding photographer is probably NOT what you might think.  Watch this video about how a devastating house fire in my teens would later shape my entire life.

To GOD be the glory. ALWAYS.

Amazing film by Whitewash Films (seriously, if they give out Academy Awards for promo videos…they deserve one!)

**warning: your mascara WILL run!!**


Oh my goodness! During a year-end review of 2017, I realized I somehow skipped past blogging one of my very favorite weddings of the year!!  Apparently once school let out for my kiddos last summer, so did my brain and sadly, Anna and Perry’s blog post was never published.

So, without further ado, let’s head back to this gorgeous wedding on 6.3.2017!

Anna first contacted me in January 2016 after Perry popped the question along the Blue Ridge Parkway and was so nervous we literally broke out in hives!! They had met at Wofford College and began dating in 2010. We had such an amazing summer engagement session in 2016 and I was struck by their demeanors.  They are both incredibly kind, generous and tender towards one another.  They have such a natural affection for one another and capturing them was nothing short of a pleasure! Click HERE for their e-session.

Anna looked radiant at her Duke Mansion Bridal Portrait Session HERE (wow!!) and we were all just giddy by wedding day.  Every moment, every detail was perfection.  It was a beautiful day full of beautiful people (inside and out) and we loved every sweet, booty-shakinig second of it!

Knowing the new Mr. and Mrs. Case has been an absolute joy and we wish them all the love and joy ahead that they felt on 6.3.17!!

Special thanks to our vendor partners: Church: Myers Park Methodist | Venue: Mint Museum Uptown | Wedding Planner: Lisa Pleasant Events | Makeup: Adrian Howe | Hair: Mirror Bomb | Gown: J Majors Bridal | Florals: Charlotte’s Garden | Band: Fantasy Band | Videography: Crown Alley Films | Rentals: Party Reflections | Cake: Wow Factor Cakes | Stationery: The Buttercup

I think this blog post has been years in the making!

Let me back up by saying, I am a Type A personality by nature.  Setting one year, 3 year and even 5 year plans is actually exciting for me.  I have yet to meet a checklist I didn’t like! I write down my goals, I revisit them, I journal about them and by God’s grace, many of them have come true.

Even back in my 16 year-old handwriting in my purple diary with a lock on it, I dreamed of being a wife, mother and working woman.  I was already contemplating how I could possibly manage it all even back in high school.  I was raised by a homemaker but babysat for working women and I knew I wanted my own life to fall somewhere in between.

So, in my college journals, I set goals to graduate pre-med with honors.  I set my eyes on Emory for graduate school and I accomplished my education and professional goals in the medical field.  I even told my husband BEFORE OUR FIRST DATE that I was going to marry him.  (((gulp))) But, I have always been a woman who truly believes that if she sets her mind to it….it can be done.

These personality attributes made me a natural entrepreneur. I am easily self-motivated and have no problem pushing hard in the direction of my professional dreams.  In my 2011 journal, I wrote about creating a bigger photography studio.  While everyone else in the photography market was operating solo, I wanted to design a company where working Moms could work as much or as little as they desired (as wedding photographers) and we achieved that goal by 2016.  In 2017, we were entering our 5th year in our commercial studio space with 9 female employees operating as the busiest wedding photography studio in Charlotte, NC..

But…..a funny thing happened along the way to achieving those goals.

I had forgotten to put my own needs on my “to do list” for too long.  I’m realizing just how very common this is among working Moms.

9 years ago, when I was just beginning my career as a photographer, I was in the best shape of my life- both mentally and physically.  We had completed our family and I had worked hard to get my pre-baby body back. I had run a marathon and even trained to be an NFL cheerleader.  I could be found at the Y dancing to Zumba, hustling in Athletic Conditioning, stretching in yoga, etc.  I was building a company on the side but my own needs were still very important to me.  I took my fearless nature from the gym right into the working world and a photography business was born.


Then, year after year, as the company grew, the needs of the company began to crowd out my own needs.  All those hours I enjoyed at the Y or Crossfit were replaced with hours behind a desk or networking over lunches and cocktails.  My 5 year plan was in high gear FOR THE BUSINESS but I did very little for my own health and mental well-being.

So amidst a record-breaking year for the company, I hit my OWN limit.  I was tired, overworked, depleted, run down, anxious and unfulfilled on a personal level.  I was giving everyone else (my employees, my 50+ brides I was managing) my best efforts then dragging home the shell of the powerful woman who first started this journey years ago.

I have long believed, as working Moms, we CAN have it all…but not all at the same time and once again, that belief held true.

So, it is time to push the pendulum back in my own direction.  Now that Old South is in such a great position as a thriving business, I’m declaring the year ahead the one where I uncover the best version of myself.

If you want to follow along in my journey, join me on my Instagram account wholeheartedentrepreneur.  I post about my daily routines regarding fitness, nutrition and personal goal setting.  It’s time to shift my Type A focus in a new direction.




I recently heard Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project Podcast about Success Scaffolding (click HERE).  I’ve adapted my own visual with his principles and will be speaking to them on my IG account.  It’s about setting goals (for me it will be weight loss, nutrition, self-care routines)  but also arranging your life in several different ways to support those efforts.  It’s about setting yourself up for success and I’m ready for the challenge ahead.

I hope to write an update on this day in 2019 THANKING MYSELF for putting my best efforts into my own health and wellness on this day in 2018.  I’d love for you to follow along and even declare the year ahead the one when YOU uncover your best self.

Now, let’s get to work! See you on Instagram.

Referrals have truly been the greatest advertising for our company from day one.

Madie reached out to me in July of 2017 and when she told me the long list of Old South brides who had pointed her in my direction- Anna Holt Bostic, Lindsay Barnes Cobb, Alexa Richardson Burns- I knew immediately that we were a match.

All of these ladies see life the way I do AND the way I capture it through my lens.  Weddings are about family- both the ones who raised the bride and groom AND the new life they are creating together that special day.  Our brides are close to their parents, have a fiercely loyal group of friends and are truly beautiful from the inside out.

Madie is our just right bride. And the best news is that SHE found her just right groom! They are both still actively pursuing advanced degrees and busy blazing a trail together into the next chapters of their lives.  The true “secret ingredient” for any lasting relationship is connection….and a whole lot of humor! These two bring out the fun in one another and can we pause to talk about the OTHER adorable character at this engagement session?

Their puppy, Rocky, was just a doll and we all had the best time at their fall engagement session.  I cannot wait to see them again at their November 2018 wedding.

To Anna, Lindsay and Alexa, thank you for sending sweet Madie our way.